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QR code reader application

Create codes with our free QR generator of codes. Comprehensible interface, variety in choosing the type of your QR-code, the ability to view statistics

QR code reader application

Get quality feedback from your customers not only in textual feedback, but also audio, photo and video files with our review service

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QR code reader application

This is a service that provides landing page creation. Create landing pages for your offers with ME-Page and increase the engagement of your audience

QR code reader application

Buy tickets for various events. A nice bonus for the buyer - we have no commission for the services of the site

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QR code reader application

Facilitate the search and booking process for your accommodation (hotels, caf├ęs, restaurants, cinemas) with Me-Booking

search place
QR code reader application

Advertising platform that offers banner, video, text ads for users of qr codes, short links and other types of services with the ability to target audiences, geo and other settings


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